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Señor Cine

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¿Quiénes somos?

"Hola, Señor."
"Hola.  ¿Cómo estás?"
"Bien.  ¿Y tú?"
"También." Almost all of the class is sitting down.
"¿Dónde está La Reina?"
This is the beginning of our Spanish 5 class.
        Hi!  Welcome to Señ!!!
        We are nine students in Spanish 5 in a high school in the United States of America. At the beginning fo the year we faced a dilemma.  We needed to decide how we were going to spend our year together and what we were going to learn.  After some debating, we decided to watch movies and at the end ofthe year, as a final, we were giong to make our own movie.  It came out that, as time went by, we changed our minds and decided to put up this web page to tell about the things we had learned so that others could learn them, too.
        We think that we are probably the only class in the United States that has watched so many Spanish language movies.  (Señor jokes that we know more about Spanish cinema than the Spaniards do).  We saw movies made in Spain, argentina, and Mexico.  Other movies that we saw were made in the United States.  Some of the great directors were Saura, Almódovar, Carrera, Buñuel, and Rodriguez.
         The English movies that we saw were seen to compare the same versions in Spanish.  Hollywood based their English movies on the Spanish ones.  We compared themes and styles.  Most of the Spanish styles are very different from the American counterparts.
        Putting up this webpage is also a way to leave a legacy behind.  This is not only our final exam; this web page is adedication to the CLASS OF 2005It is our hope that future classes will add to this page --making it  a bigger, better, and more interesting place for you to visit.
        As you read through the movie reviews, we hope that you will find a few that you will watch.  Learn with us the culture of different places as you watch the movies.

You can check out our reviews, which are in blog form, write to us, or check the links we have to other cool sites. 

¿Cuál es nuevo?

17/5/05 -- We decided who is going to review each film and that we're going to write in English.
6/6/05 -- Have about half of the reviews up, also, we're starting to get some of the links to images, etc. online

Movie theater popcorn box

Señor Cine -- Señor Mono está siempre aquí para usted.